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Every detail counts when you’re looking at a total process solution. No matter the industry equipment placement, inflow and outflow, conditions, materials and a multitude of other factors can effect quality, costs, flexibility and profitability. The AMP Process Solutions Group is here to help, with processing, manufacturing, engineering and integration experience that is unmatched in any industry. Assessment to selection, installation through upgrades, we’re here every step of the way for you and your process needs.

Who We Serve

Food and Specialty Powders
Perfect consistent drying, sanitary production and maximized uptime are just some of the standards for powders, dried foods and nutraceuticals that we have helped customers analyze, improve and innovate. Our focus on precision equipment ensures safety, quality, and low operational costs over time.
Chemical processing requires precision temperature control, quality production and regulatory standard reporting at every step. With vacuum, microwave and fluid bed dryers, combined with whole process solutions and testing, our equipment and process design is tuned and adaptable for every chemical application.
Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals
The Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries require precise control of temperature, moisture, contaminants and more. We have the industry experience and proven results to help you meet any process challenge.
The plastic industry includes a wide range of formulations, matching with the wide range of processing equipment, expertise, testing and integration available from AMP Process Solutions Group. Choosing the right processes gives optimal results for every formulation.
Cannabis and hemp processing have moved into the realm of professional biomass production. Our specialized cannabis product lines manage large-scale throughput of hemp for storage as well as terpene extraction.
General Process Improvement
Thermal, Core or any type of processing needs, we have real-world experience and know-how to help design, improve or innovate. Our testing, integration and process experience is unmatched, and ready to work for you.

Industry Leading Products

Kason VIBRO-BED Fluid Bed Dryer

Kason’s line of VIBRO-BED fluid bed processors dry, cool, or moisturize bulk chemicals, minerals, plastics, foods, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and other materials on a batch or continuous basis, at a laboratory or production scale. VIBRO-BED employs an innovative circular processing unit which is inherently stronger, lighter, and less costly to build—and finish to sanitary standards—than rectangular units having equivalent surface area. This means rapid throughput, a compact configuration and lower operational costs at the same precision and quality.

Marion WaveMix™

Microwave, Vacuum and Mixing

Marion’s WaveMix™ thermal processor combines three technologies for outstanding results in terms of drying time, handling of sensitive materials, and precision quality output. WaveMix combines microwave, mixing and vacuum technology to provide cost-effective and rapid thermal processing that is particularly useful in handling sensitive materials, and in preserving color, nutritional and chemical value of materials.

Marion Vacuum Reactors

The family of Vacuum Reactors from the AMP Process Solutions Group can benefit companies in many industries and processes. By lowering the boiling point through the introduction of a vacuum, suspensions, pasted and filtercakes that are heat-sensitive and not affected by case hardening can be more quickly and precisely. Available in horizontal and vertical configurations, and with extensive comparative testing available trough the AMP Process Solutions Group lab.

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Additional Resources


All About Thermal Processing

The Thermal Processing Handbook is a comprehensive guide to thermal processing technology. The Handbook covers pros and cons of the full range of drying technology from traditional heat and air dryers through vacuum, microwave, flash, freeze and fluid bed dryers.

Buyer’s Guide

Beyond the basics of thermal processing, the Buyer’s Guide takes a deep dive into the equipment and configurations available from AMP PSGYou’ll learn about the options available and how they can be customized for your specific needs.