End-to-end Solutions for Complex Processing Applications

AMP Process Solutions Group (AMP PSG) evolved from decades of sifting, screening and processing knowledge developed within two leading industrial processing industry manufacturers.

Following the acquisition of Marion Process Solutions and Kason Corporation, under platform company Advanced Material Processing (AMP), AMP PSG has emerged to address the rising complexity of large-scale thermal processing applications in the food, cannabis, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, plastics, biomass and construction industries. AMP PSG provides white-glove system integration and consulting services, choosing from a selection of top-grade equipment suppliers. We provide an end-to-end solution with full selection, configuration, integration, installation, service and maintenance of equipment.

AMP PSG excels in process engineering, committed to finding the right combination of equipment for a full processing line. We combine decades of hands-on experience through designing, implementing and maintaining thoughtful, comprehensive solutions that go beyond thermal processing equipment: our synergistic approach enables us to offer a wide range of sorting, sifting, conveying, packaging, mixing, drying, cooling, loading, and measuring equipment, as well as integration and installation of these comprehensive systems. Working with AMP PSG gives customers peace of mind and lowers the risk of choosing and incorporating new equipment into their production lines.

What sets AMP PSG apart from other equipment manufacturers is that our product offering is not one-dimensional. We offer a broad range of machinery and systems to suit the needs of most manufacturers.

Who We Are

AMP PSG is the direct result of the synergy between Marion Process Solutions and Kason Corporation. Following the acquisition of both companies by Advanced Materials Processing (AMP) in late 2019, the two companies recognized they were addressing many of the same market needs with different product lines. Combining forces has made it possible to create a comprehensive processing product line for a wider array of application challenges and industries than ever before.




A Synergistic Approach to Processing Solutions

Marion is renowned for its mixing equipment, while Kason is known for its sifting, screening and processing equipment. Combined, the companies have an exceptionally diverse product portfolio for most processing applications. Both the Kason VIBRO-BED Circular Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer/Cooler and the Marion WaveMix™ Thermal Processor constitute technological breakthroughs with dramatically better results than legacy drying and cooling systems. Together with the vacuum reactors and jacketed mixers from Marion, the thermal processing line offers a comprehensive solution that can address just about any application need.

At the same time, AMP PSG maintains the ethos that being an equipment supplier is not enough. Process engineering, customization, integration and configuration have always been essential services to ensure that customers receive superior performance. Inside of a deep commitment that the equipment provides a complete solution, AMP PSG represents a highly skilled and experienced team of process engineers with decades of experience with tailoring manufacturing equipment to production lines that run smoothly and reliably.

With a focus on the customer, a wide range of processing equipment, superior test labs and North American manufacturing facilities, AMP PSG serves as the processing solution.

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