Kason VIBRO-BED Fluid Bed Dryer

Circular vibratory fluid bed dryers and coolers provide cost-effective processing solutions and are particularly suited for continuous drying applications, high-volume requirements, and high-moisture slurries and materials. Fluid bed dryers offer rapid drying times and a high level of efficiency and consistency. The circular configuration provides a superior quality and is easier to clean than rectangular beds, while still being able to provide very high volume throughput for food, cannabis and hemp, biomass, chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. The circular vibratory fluid bed dryer is inherently stronger, lighter, and less costly to build and finish to sanitary standards than rectangular units with equivalent surface areas. Because the circular fluid bed processor is also more compact, complete fluid bed systems can be pre-engineered and preconfigured on caster-mounted frames, ready for installation and start-up.

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Using a unique internal back-mixing technique, the VIBRO-BED handles materials with high water volumes. Available in three configurations, the Kason circular vibratory fluid bed dryer/cooler can be customized for a wide range of de-dusting, scalping, de-agglomerating, agglomerating and other drying applications on a batch or continuous basis.


  • Shorter drying times compared to static bed convection 
  • Smaller footprint per volume processed 
  • Compact design allows for complete systems to be self-contained and skid-mounted on common frames with casters for “plug-and-go” design 
  • Stable and inherently rigid with minimal external vibration and noise 
  • Reduced contact time for drying 
  • Gentle handling of fragile products
  • Ability to process high-moisture materials
  • High rates of moisture removal due to excellent gas-particle constants, resulting in high heat and mass transfer rates
  • High throughput and continuous drying 
  • Wide range of model sizes from 18 to 84 inches (460 – 2540 mm) in diameter
  • Sanitary, easy-to-clean construction
  • Ability to control the exposure time of the materials to heat
  • High level of control and precision for consistent drying results
  • Models available for lab and pilot plant testing as well as batch or high-volume in-line drying, cooling, or moisturizing of bulk materials

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