Marion Vacuum Reactors

Vacuum drying provides an accelerated drying process at a lowered boiling point for heat-sensitive materials and conditions where drying time and efficiency are key factors. The AMP PSG Vacuum Reactor family provides advanced material processing for suspensions, pastes and filtercakes that are heat sensitive and not subject to case hardening. The food, pharma, chemical and nutraceutical industries can benefit from the lowered boiling point while drying under vacuum.  

Vacuum reactors are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. Fully cylindrical or key-hole through horizontal reactors have an agitator that creates a fluid material bed that constantly introduces material to the heated or cooled trough walls, and are highly durable machines that provide consistent and repeatable results. Vertical cylindrical tank reactors are ideal for thermal processing of liquids and slurries. 

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The PSG team provides extensive comparative testing on different settings and with different types of equipment—all in one laboratory—so that every machine is customized specifically for the best outcomes in your specific application.   


  • Preservation of heat-sensitive material by lowered boiling point 
  • Faster drying times than air-only or heat-only drying 
  • Precision controls and configuration for every application
  • Simultaneous heating, drying and agitation for mixes that require chemical processing 
  • High yield and low loss of material for high-value materials 
  • Low processing temperature (below 400°F) 
  • Sanitary operation and standards compliance 
  • Safe for hazardous and explosive materials
  • Clean-in-place customizations available  
  • Consultative approach to choosing the right equipment

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